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An Interpretive Dance For Content Creation Set To Kanye West’s Gone by Tuyo Isaza



Navegando por la red me he encontrado con un gran video que les quiero compartir y que se esta convirtiendo en viral.


Thanks for all the content folks…

It’s 4:30 am and I am trying something I love.
I believe good content impacts people’s lives in awesome ways.
For over 10 years I’ve enjoyed content from all over the world via Internet.
And I can only be moved to care
About its meaning and about how many lives can the web touch.
So I just see passion in content…
I see people brave enough to act.
To do. To try. To YouTube a thought. To Facebook a moment.
Oh, and all I see is people following their hearts, to quit, to hire. You know?
(Dance brake)
I love it
All I see is people making things happen.

( I think that beyond planning we need talents in agencies that can see the future and make things happen… now i will call that people #happeners. =)


Conoce el video donde surgió la idea:



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