Bass Triana

29 abril, 2016

Tráilers de la semana [25 – 29 de abril]

Continuamos poniéndote al tanto de los avances que se presentan cada semana sobre las principales producciones que están por llegar a la pantalla grande:


Conspiración + cyberterrorismo, una combinación que deja mucho qué pensar.

Southside With You

Okay, this is really charming. Southside With You is about how Barack and Michelle Obama got together, with the entire movie taking place during their first date. That might sound kind of cheesy, but it sort of looks too smart and cute to care. The film got great reviews out of Sundance, and now it’s heading to theaters in August.

X-Men: Apocalypse

The next X-Men is almost here, and that means it’s time for one final trailer — and this is a fun one. It starts with a close look at the villains, moves on to a close look at the heroes, and then wraps things up by flashing between fight scenes with some nasty hits. It enters theaters on May 27th.

Batman: The Killing Joke

One of the most famous Batman stories of all time is being turned into an animated film, and it has Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill onboard to voice the leading roles. Anyone who’s familiar with The Killing Joke knows it’s a dark story, and while this trailer doesn’t quite dive into that, it definitely starts to show hints of it. The film will get a digital and disc release sometime after premiering in July.

Kubo and the Two Strings

This trailer is every bit as good with the sound off. That’s kinda how Laika pics are: come for the gorgeous stop-motion animation, stay for the not-quite-Pixar but still pretty-darn-good story. Kubo and the Two Strings seems like it’ll be another of those. It’s out on August 19th.

The Fits

Coming off of fantastic festival reviews earlier this year, The Fits is now heading toward a summer release. The film starts out simple enough: a young girl, training in boxing, begins to pick up dance. But then things start to get tense and strange in a way that you can feel before you can actually see. Definitely check out this trailer to get a sense of it.

Diary of a Chambermaid

Adapting the 1900 novel of the same name, Diary of a Chambermaid tells the story of a woman brought in to work at a home in a French countryside, where she’s quickly put in an awful spot, between sexual advances from the men and harsh treatment from the woman of the house. The film looks beautifully shot, and it’s received mostly good reviews from the critics who’ve already seen it. It opens in the US on June 10th.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

So I hadn’t heard of Absolutely Fabulous before clicking play on this, probably because I was very young when it originally aired (and, let’s be real, the only British TV that Americans know is Doctor Who and The Office), but I’m glad I clicked play and glad I now know what it is. The classic and often-revived BBC comedy is returning with its first film, and it looks raucous in all the right ways. Also, literally, this is the only time I have seen positive YouTube comments on a video, so take that for what it’s worth. The film hits theaters on July 22nd.

Top Gear

It takes Matt LeBlanc about five seconds to remind you why everyone loved him so much on Friends. I have never seen Top Gear, but my guess is that this will make for some good Top Gear. The new season starts in the UK on May 8th and later that month in the US.

Tulip Fever

Get used to seeing Alicia Vikander everywhere, because it’s starting and it’s gonna be great. Vikander stars in Tulip Fever as a married woman in 17th century Amsterdam whose husband begins to grow aware of her affair. The cast here is pretty fantastic all around, with Christoph Waltz playing the husband and Judi Dench popping up in a smaller role throughout.

Ma Ma

Penélope Cruz teams up with the director behind Sex and Lucia for what looks like a dramatic and emotional film about a woman battling breast cancer and preparing to have a daughter at the same time. It’ll be released in the US on May 20th.

Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins seems like it could be kind of wonderful because it’s mostly just Meryl Streep goofing around, playing a horrible singer who has no idea how bad she is. That sounds great, although this trailer also plays it up as a real feel-good love-and-embrace life kinda thing — which I’m maybe not feeling as much, which maybe means I have a cold heart, or maybe means the film is pushing it a bit. Florence Foster Jenkins comes out on August 12th.